so far at the edge it’s hard to tell whose garden we’re in.
imagine all possible worlds and now imagine this one
(is that how thinking goes about it?).
total smackdown: subsistence versus existence followed by dependence versus independence.
it’s going nowhere, but it’s leaving now.
it occurs to you that this sentence occurs to you — did that ever occur to you, too?
if anger is constant, then is it benign, and consequently humorous? because, anger that is sudden and surprising is scary and confusing. but, anger that is relentless is just impotent and funny.
humor is absolutely predictable. it’s so predictable that it’s dumb. whereby we laugh, stupefied at ourselves.
now imagine I owed you $100,000. how long could I stand before you and explain my theories on culture, politics, religion, food, art, science, being, time, personhood, work, play, love? would you feel angry, aggrieved, enthralled, accompanied, edified? now imagine you owed me $100,000 and I explained my theories on same. would you feel the same as the former scenario?
answers are always, “interesting.”
consider how our motives differ in their intensity. for example, how intense was your desire for fresh air today? but, on an airplane, it can be quite intense, no? and yet on an airplane, way up high in the air, there’s fresh air all around you.
Things we want the most are oftentimes so impossibly available. That’s what wanting is, I think.
have you ever really wanted to not want to want? is that legitimate, do you think? I think it is. In fact, I think the desire to cease desiring is the most excellent pursuit. It is like falling in love — you’re always trying to pin this person down and to have that desire just end in possession. That’s it, desire only ceases when the desire is possessed. can you possess the act itself? chasten that?

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